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Regular investment plan is a plan that allows you to invest into the Funds at a regular fixed interval with a fixed amount. As the NAV per Unit of the Funds may go down as well as up, by investing regularly, you will benefit in the long run as you are able to average the cost of your holdings in the Funds (Ringgit cost averaging).

EPF members have the option and flexibility to diversify their retirement portfolio and enhance their retirement savings through the EPF-Members Investment Scheme (EPF-MIS). Under this scheme, members who have sufficient savings can transfer part of the funds in their Account 1 for investments via the appointed Fund Management Institutions (FMIs), including Unit Trust Management Companies and Asset Management Companies.

In this regard, you may invest in our EPF-MIS approved funds, as follows:

  • Pheim Emerging Companies Balanced Fund;
  • Dana Makmur Pheim; and
  • Pheim Income Fund.

Option 1: Form KWSP 9N (AHL) and Checklist (Through our distribution channels/FMI/IUTA)

The maximum Sales Charge applicable for investment under EPF-MIS (via any distribution channel) is 3% of the NAV per Unit. There will be no repurchase charge imposed for the repurchase of Units of the EPF-MIS approved funds. The above is only applicable to investors who purchase Units via EPF-MIS and is subject to changes by EPF from time to time.

Option 2: EPF’s i-Invest platform (Through EPF website – online i-Akaun [Member])

Alternatively, EPF members may also make their investment online through the EPF’s ‘i-Invest platform’ by login their i-Akaun (Member). Members are advised to check the remaining balance of Account 1 and the amount of investment eligibility first through i-Account (Member) before making the investment.

Under the ‘i-Invest platform’, please select <FMI>: ‘Pheim Unit Trusts Bhd’ and <Fund>: ‘Pheim Emerging Companies Balanced Fund’ or ‘Dana Makmur Pheim’, to invest in our EPF-MIS approved funds. Thereafter, you would be directed to open an online investment account with one of our authorised distributors, namely iFAST Capital Sdn Bhd and Phillip Mutual Berhad. No service charge is imposed by the EPF on members. However, members are reminded that the maximum Sales Charge applicable for investment under the EPF’s ‘i-Invest platform’ is 0.5%.

Eligibility Amount of Investment from Account 1

Basically, EPF members may transfer their savings to invest as follows:

  • Up to a maximum of 30% of the total Basic Savings surplus in Account 1.
  • The minimum investment amount is RM1,000.

Calculation formula:

(Account 1 – Basic Savings) x 30%.

Basic Savings is a pre-determined amount set according to age in Account 1 to enable members achieve a minimum savings of RM240,000 when they reach age 55. The implementation of the Basic Savings is to ensure that members have sufficient savings at a minimum amount of RM1,000 per month when they retire in order to support their basic retirement needs for 20 years from age 55 to 75, in line with Malaysians’ life expectancy.

The amount in excess of the Basic Savings can be invested in appointed Fund Management Institutions. The latest revision in this quantum has been implemented starting 1 January 2019, as below:


AgeBasic Savings (RM)AgeBasic Savings (RM)


Sample of Eligibility Calculation:


MemberAgeSavings in Account 1 (RM)New Basic Savings (RM)Calculation for Investment (30%)Eligibility
A224,00010,000Member is not eligible, savings in Account 1 is less than the new Basic Savings
B2211,00010,000(11,000 – 10,000) x 30% = RM300Member is not eligible, minimum eligibility amount is RM1,000
C2524,00018,000(24,000 – 18,000) x 30% = RM1,800Member is eligible, minimum eligibility amount is RM1,000 and maximum amount is RM1,800

To sign up for this plan, you need to complete the Direct Debit Authorisation (DDA) Form available at our head office.

Upon receiving and identifying the payment for the DDA Form and subject to clearance of the payment, we will process the regular investment using the Selling Price as at the close of Business Day when the payment is received (forward pricing). For more information about this regular investment plan, please contact our customer service at 03-2142 8888.