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Important Note:
Pheim SICAV-SIF-ASEAN Emerging Companies Fund is not marketed/promoted in Malaysia. To know more, investors may contact Pheim via the channels provided at the bottom of this page on a “reverse enquiry” basis.

Fund Goals / Features

Pheim SICAV-SIF-ASEAN Emerging Companies Fund was re-domiciled as a sub-fund of Pheim SICAV-SIF in Luxembourg effective from 26th Oct 2012. Prior to this, the fund, known then as ASEAN Emerging Companies Growth Fund Ltd, was incorporated and registered in the British Virgin Islands since 3rd Feb 1995. The sub-fund is suitable for investors who adopt a long-term view and wish to achieve capital gains with specific focus in the ASEAN region. The fund is denominated in USD and is managed by Pheim Asset Management (Asia) Pte Ltd, and sub-managed by Pheim Asset Management Sdn Bhd (“Sub-Investment Manager”). Banque Degroof Petercam Luxembourg is the custodian and the auditors are Pricewaterhouse-Coopers Luxembourg.

The fund is limited to well-informed investors (the “Well-Informed Investors”) who have expressed an interest in investing in the fund (the “Fund”). Pursuant to the 2007 Law, Well-Informed Investors refer to (i) an institutional investor, (ii) a professional investor and (iii) or other special investors as specified in the “Offering Document of Pheim SICAV-SIV-ASEAN Emerging Companies Fund”.

Equity/Growth Fund

Asset Allocation & Benchmark

The Fund adopts an investment policy and invests mainly in Listed and Unlisted Securities of Emerging Companies in and Derivatives (including Options, Forwards or Futures Contracts) relating to member countries of ASEAN. The Investment Manager is authorised in its discretion to invest up to 20% of the net assets of the sub-fund in Listed and Unlisted Securities and derivatives (including Options, Forwards or Futures Contracts) relating to non-ASEAN member countries. It aims to derive long-term capital appreciation on its assets.

An incentive fee is payable to Sub-Investment Manager when the fund outperforms the previous high watermark which is either the higher of 5% or 12-month US$ LIBOR + 2%, where the 12-month US$ LIBOR is the rate as at the end of the preceding calendar year.

Fund Awards & Accolade – At the Fund’s Best

Over the past 28 years since inception, the Fund has established a good long-term performance track record. On the 3rd February 2015, which was also coincidentally the 20th anniversary of the PHEIM SICAV-SIF-ASEAN, the Fund registered an exceptionally good performance. As a result, Lipper ranked PHEIM SICAV-SIF-ASEAN No. 1 among all its peers within the ASEAN Equity Category for all the 1- to 20-year periods ended 3rd Feb 2015.

 * Equity ASEAN of Lipper Global Classification for International Offshore Universe in terms of total returns in US Dollars.

Source: Lipper IM

Recent Fund Awards & Accolade – Morningstar Ranking

PHEIM SICAV-SIF-ASEAN was also ranked No. 1 by Morningstar Inc. in terms of performance from among over 90 of its peers for the year-to-date periods as at April, May, June, and July 2021 (four months in a roll). In addition to that, PHEIM SICAV-SIF-ASEAN also ranked No. 1 for the 14-, 15-, 20-, and 25-year periods ended 31 December 2021.

PHEIM SICAV-SIF-ASEAN Emerging Companies Fund

Source: Morningstar

Fund Awards & Accolade - Best of the Best Performance Award (ASEAN Equity)

For many years, PHEIM SICAV-SIF-ASEAN was awarded the Best of the Best Performance Awards (ASEAN Equity) by Asia Asset Management for numerous periods such as 3-, 5-, 10-, 20-, and 25-year periods across the years since 2010. Of late, PHEIM SICAV-SIF-ASEAN was awarded the Best of the Best Awards 2022 – 25 Years (ASEAN Equity) by Asia Asset Management.

PHEIM SICAV-SIF-ASEAN’s Best Performing Stocks Of 2021

PHEIM SICAV-SIF-ASEAN often seeks out high-potential stocks, including those in the technology and manufacturing sector (wood products). In the first half of 2021, the 4 top performing stocks were PT Digital Mediatama Maxima (DMMX) (+1731.43%), PT NFC Indonesia Tbk (NFCX INDO) (+754.59%), PT M Cash Integra Tbk (M CASH INTEGRA) (+715.28%), and PT Integra Indocabinet Tbk (+185.63%). These stocks played a key role in boosting PHEIM SICAV-SIF-ASEAN’s performance for 2021.

SecurityCost as at 31 Dec 2020Price as at 30 Jun 2021Price ChangesPrice as at 20 Aug 2021Price Changes
DMMX (IJ)183.461,580.00+761.21%3,360.00+1,731.43%
NFCX INDO (IJ)1,562.155,750.00+268.08%13,350.00+754.59%
M CASH INTEGRA (IJ)1,750.927,950.00+354.05%14,275.00+715.28%
INTEGRA INDO (IJ)260.83740.00+183.71%745.00+185.63%

Source: Pheim Asset Management Sdn Bhd (“PAMSB”)

Fund Performance – Last 10 Years

Fund Annual Return25.25%7.06%12.70%-16.73%1.25%15.70%-14.66%2.67%4.14%15.00%
FTSE ALL World ASEAN18.99%-7.51%2.67%-21.17%3.16%25.33%-11.08%5.90%-6.79%-0.48%
Outperformance  +6.26%+14.57%+10.03%+4.44%-1.91%-9.63%-3.58%-3.23%+10.93%+15.48%
Years 2011 – 20122011 – 20132011 – 20142011 – 20152011 – 20162011 – 20172011 – 20182011 – 20192011 – 20202011 – 2021
Fund Cumulative Return Since 31 December 2011  25.53%34.67%49.81%26.12%27.69%47.73%26.07%29.44%33.23%55.03%
FTSE ALL World ASEAN18.99%10.06%13.00%-10.92%-8.10%15.98%3.13%9.46%1.79%1.31%

Source: Lipper IM & Bloomberg & Morningstar

Fund Performance - Since Inception

Pheim SICAV-SIF-ASEAN Emerging Companies Fund vs Benchmark Return* Movement Chart
3 February 1995 to 31 December 2021

*Benchmark Return is either the higher of 5% or 12-month US$ LIBOR + 2%, where the 12-month US$ LIBOR is the rate as at the end of the preceding calendar year

Source: Lipper IM & Bloomberg

Fund Performance – Peer to Peer Review

PHEIM SICAV-SIF-ASEAN has established a good long-term track record with the fund outperforming the benchmark by +24.74%, +11.23%, +53.72% and +118.79% for the 3-,5-,10-, and 15-year periods ended 31 December 2021, respectively.

Cumulatively, PHEIM SICAV-SIF-ASEAN registered at a total return of 503.28% for 26 years and 10 months since inception, outperformed the cumulative benchmark return (26.37%) by a big margin of +476.91% as at 31 December 2021. The annualized return since inception was 6.91% (versus benchmark return of 0.88%), outperformed by +6.03% as at 31 December 2021.

Pheim SICAV-SIF-ASEAN Emerging Companies Fund – As at 31 December 2021
Since Inception503.28%26.37%+476.91%
Annualised Return Since Inception6.91%0.88%+6.03%


When PHEIM SICAV-SIF-ASEAN is Compared To Its Peers…
EAA Fund ASEAN Equity03.02.1995 – 31.12.2021
  Total Return Since Inception  Annualised Return Since Inception  
PHEIM SICAV-SIF-ASEAN No.1503.28%6.91%
Top Competitor No.2277.63%5.06%
Top Competitor No.3154.87%3.54%

Source: Morningstar & Bloomberg

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