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It is our greatest pleasure to inform you that our Dana Makmur Pheim has won The Edge Lipper Fund Awards 2013 as the BEST FUND 10 YEARS in the Mixed Asset MYR Balanced Malaysia Category. This was a very competitive pool of 31 FUNDS! For the 10 year Period, Dana Makmur Pheim  made a total return of 137.58% vs Benchmark of 97.98%  a outperformance of 39.6%. To break this down succinctly Dana Makmur Pheim made a simple average return of 13.76% per Annum.

Dana Makmur  Pheim is a  Balanced portfolio of Shariah Compliant equities and Sukuk with a maximum equity of 60% in Malaysia. This is the 5th Award since it’s inception in 2002. The 1st and 2nd Award was in 2003 and 2004 when it won The Edge Lipper Malaysia Fund Awards in the ONE year Mixed Asset Islamic/ Shariah Funds. In 2003 the return was 34% vs benchmark 13.38% and 2004 the return was 12.31% vs Benchmark of 7.03%. The 3rd Award was in 2005 in which the Fund was Ranked No 1 By The Edge Lipper  in Terms of Total return for 3 Year Period ending 2005.The return was 25.15% vs benchmark of 11.4%. The 4th award was in 2008 when it won the Best Fund in the Mixed Asset MYR Balanced Islamic Fund for 5 Year Period. The return was 102.1% vs Benchmark of 74.1%. Please note that Dana Makmur Pheim has weathered through a series of extremely serious crisis notably the SARS in 2003 and 2204 and the Global Financial crisis in 2008.

Below is the  DANA MAKMUR PHEIM 10 Year Performance and Distribution History:

Based on our past 10 years’ cumulative return of 137.58%, Dana Makmur Pheim simple average yearly return was 13.76%. We hope to achieve a similar performance going forward in long run. It should be noted, however, that past return may not be indicative of future performance.

YearDistribution DateDistribution / Unit (Net)NAV / Unit before distributionNAV / Unit after distribution
200226/12/20022.5 sen1.00280.9778
200324/12/20035.5 sen1.30841.2534
200410/12/20046.0 sen1.34471.2847
200516/12/20056.0 sen1.19071.1297
20068/12/20066.2 sen1.37411.3121
200714/12/20076.3 sen1.6341.571
200812/12/20086.3 sen1.1411.078
201017/12/20096.35 sen1.46661.4031
201128/4/20106.0 sen1.63011.5701
201227/4/20116.0 sen1.64291.5829

Based on the table above, Dana Makmur Pheim has consistently paid good dividends every year. We hope to maintain a reasonably good dividend payout.